How to spot a fake Seiko ScubaPro 450

The Seiko Scubapro 450 is a legendary dive watch that has captivated enthusiasts since its introduction in the 1970s. Unfortunately, its popularity has also made it a target for counterfeiters seeking to profit from the demand for this iconic & rare Seiko. In this guide, we’ll explore key indicators to help you distinguish between an authentic Seiko Scubapro 450 and a fake one.

Only 6306

One of the easiest ways to tell a fake ScubaPro 450 is to look at the dial and caseback. If it has 6309 markings, it is fake. All the ScubaPro 450s were produced on the 6306-7001 platform.

Here’s an example with a 6309 on the caseback & on the dial:

6309 on the caseback
6309 on the dial

Production Dates

The following is from SCWF

November 22 2003 at 9:34 AM
Mike (mmounce)

Trying to find as much information on the Scubapro as I could. I sent out a email to Scubapro USA. It came back

Hi Michael,

The watch pictured in the attachment was manufactured by Seiko for Scubapro. That particular version may have been offered by Scubapro Japan. The automatic series of watches were offered in the US from 1978 through 1984.

Best Regards,Jules Ganier

Then another Email to ScubaPro Japan, It came back

Scubapro Japan asked several time to make the watch with Scubapro name on it(OEM). The 1978 ones are also limited production version – Qty is not sure because the file is not here to check. But it should be 1000pcs not more. Hope this will help.

Scubapro Japan

Then a another email to our resident expert Mr. Tokunaga. It came back

Dear Mike-san,

Well, that watch is the one Scubapro had specially ordered to Seiko. Seiko printed the mark which Scubapro specified on the dial of 6306 150m diver’s watch, did assembly and inspection, and supplied them it in the state of finished goods.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when or how many pieces they were made, because there is no record…

Sincerely yours,
Ikuo Tokunaga

So there you have it. I’m tapped out on who else to ask. I tried,but like many of the vintage Seikos there’s a air of mystery and no real solid answer. So we still enjoy them without knowing all the details.

Day date cutout

Another tell on the fake dials is how the day/date cutout is done. On the original 6309/6306 dials, the cutout has a 45º chamfer slopping downwards. The fake dial usually have a straight cut through.

Here’s an authentic ScubaPro 450 dial

Here’s a fake dial

The “S” & the ScubaPro script

Another way to authenticate a real dial vs a fake one is the ScubaPro “S” logo. Certain fakes have a very thick version, which looks off. Others have the “S” slightly tilting to the right. The original ScubaPro script has a stretched out look to the font used. The fakes usually get this wrong, having a font that looks taller than the original. Also notice on the original, the 450 is above “ST” from the “RESIST”. The fake below has the 450 completely to the right of the word.

Here’s an authentic ScubaPro 450

Here are some fake variants. Notice the thick “S”

Here’s a leaning “S”. But this watch has all sorts of wrong. It’s not even using a 6309/6306 cushion case, the dial has 6309 on it. There are so many signs that let you know this isn’t legit before even getting to the ScubaPro print or logo.

An original

More pics of authentic ScubaPro 450s for your reference. The one below is for sale here







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